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Our family

Our family

High-quality products since 1836

We offer premium products and refined services to achieve one goal: honouring our glorious past.

Stratta has not only preserved the charm of one of the oldest and most treasured shops in Turin, but also kept alive all the traditions that earned it fame and recognition. Since its foundation in 1836, Stratta has maintained the quality standards of its products. The same age-old traditions that made the Torinese firm famous are now what sets it apart as an exclusive catering & banqueting service provider on a national level: its qualified staff have the knowledge and experience to plan and deliver any type of event.

Today Stratta is run by the family that has owned it since 1959: Monica Werling and Dario Werling continue the tradition, having inherited a great attention to detail and the ability to make every event unique.

Our tradition

The story of a family

The Beginning

Oreste and Luisa, Monica and Dario's grandparents, were masters of patisserie and catering in Las Flores, Venezuela. Once they returned to Italy with their three daughters, Adriana, Irma and Rosa, they took the helm of Stratta, knowing they could build on their expertise.

Heirs to a tradition

Today Rosa and Sergio, together with Monica and Dario, their children, preserve the family tradition which, paired with the long-standing history of the shop, ensures customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our Staff

Our team of outstanding professionals are always ready to welcome and assist you: they know how to satisfy your taste buds.

Our roots

Our home

Piazza San Carlo

Known as 'Turin's drawing room', Piazza San Carlo has been home to Stratta since it first opened its doors in 1836, two years before the 'Caval 'd Brons', the equestrian statue honouring Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, was erected in the centre of the square.

Palazzo Solaro del Borgo

Stratta is nestled within 18th-century Palazzo Solaro del Borgo, which was an aristocratic residence until it was sold to the 'Accademia Filarmonica', a gentlemen’s club founded by members of the Torinese elite, in 1838.

Historical place of Italy

The shop is an institution in the city and a member of the 'Locali Storici d'Italia', an association that gathers, promotes and safeguards some of the country's oldest and most prestigious restaurants, cafés and confectionery shops.